Introducing CeciVictoria Book Club! : Dealing with Dragons

Not every girl wants to be a princess. Not in the normal sense anyway. Some girls (more in this modern era) found been a princess a boring affair. Cimorene is that kind of princess. A princess who found ball dancing, music and language lesson boring and pointless. So she decided to runaway and live with a dragon. Yes she will rather live and be the servant of a dragon than live a “proper” boring kind of life.

She becomes the princes of Kazul one of the most dangerous drangons of the kingdom. Living with Kazul gave her the opportunities to meet interesting characters like witches, talking birds, stone prince, travel to new places and solving life and death riddles.

Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede is a book full of interesting fellows and adventures fit for today's tween and teen. Cecilia enjoy every page!

A most reading experience for young tweens and teens to read with friends and afterward experience a magical party with our Dealing with dragons Party Kit.


Our Disco Ball tumbler gives a modern-cool look to this party setting your tween-teen will love. The book is a most at your table for your girls to comment and talk about its characters. 

No need for complications a sim ple cracks, cheese and ham hors d'oeuvre will stunning in our silver shield plate

Simple yet elegant just like medieval times. We prepare a homemade cake and decorated with flowers all around.

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