Create a charming and colorful backdrop for your back-to-school party using crepe paper to resemble a school notebook.  Super easy and affordable. 


Step 1:  Choose the wall to show making sure it's clean and free of dust.

Step 2:  Use double-sided tape or packing tape to attach the crepe paper lines to the wall to create the appearance of notebook pages. Make sure to press firmly to ensure it sticks securely.

Step 3: With black cardstock draw the letters ABC and the numbers 123 to add anywhere you like on your notebook pages. 

Step 4: Personalize (Optional) -You can also add "Welcome Back!" or any other back-to-school message at the top of the backdrop.

Complete the party atmosphere by decorating around the notebook backdrop with colorful balloons, streamers, and back-to-school-themed decorations.

Your DIY Notebook Backdrop is now ready to impress your kids at the Back-to-School Party! It will be a delightful and charming addition to your celebration, creating the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities and setting the mood for a fun-filled event.

Have a fantastic party, and may this creative backdrop inspire everyone to embark on an exciting and successful school year ahead!